Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I store my bike?

​If you are looking for additional storage for your bike. We do have two bike storage rooms on the complex. Simply stop by the main office and the staff will be happy to assist you.

Can I reserve the clubhouse?

​During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Clubhouse is being used as extra office space because of social distancing protocol. We apologize for this inconvenience.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

​A maintenance request can be submitted on your Resident Portal. On your homepage click the button, "I want to..." Where you will have the option to submit a maintenance request along with a number of other useful actions.

Can I have a guest stay with me?

​Yes, you are more than welcome to have guests come stay with you! Once they have stayed past 14 days they will be considered a tenant, and will need to be added to the lease.
To add someone to the lease they will need to apply, pay an application fee, pass a background check and sign the lease. Please contact your leasing staff in the main office and we will be happy to help you through this process.
If you are having a guest visit and they have a vehicle, please contact the office to obtain a visitor's guest pass.

What if my wifi is down?

​If you are having issues with your internet, please call Inland Fiber Networks directly at 509-339-7700.
*Please keep in mind that the username and password are specific to each apartment. Do not change the username or password. 

When is rent due?

​Rent is due on the first day of each month. A grace period of 5 days will be given before a late fee of $75 will be assessed.

What if someone is not cleaning up after their dog?

​Here at Cougar Ridge we do have a large amount of pets that live on the property. It is each pet owner's responsibility to clean up after their pet. If you see someone leaving a mess behind that their pet had left we ask that you contact the office with a description of the animal as well as the tenant, and if possible a unit number for the resident. 
Each pile that is left behind will result in a $100 fine.

Can I have a personal BBQ on my balcony?

Charcoal and propane BBQs are not allowed.

Can I break my lease?

We offer Lease Takeovers. Please contact the office at 509-332-3410 during normal business hours for more information.

How do I use the Cougar Ridge BBQ's?

Welcome Home!

​Thank you for choosing Cougar Ridge as your new home! We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience here at Cougar Ridge is one that fully exceeds your expectations, and provides you with a conducive atmosphere to reach your goals! We strive to provide the best services possible and would like to play an active role in creating an unforgettable experience for all of our residents. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need assistance, questions, or just want to stop by to say hello!
We have many exciting things to share with you, so we hope that you will take a few moments to read this entire document. 

Apps to Download

​PayRange - Laundry Service 
Resident Portal - Pay Rent 

What do I need to do after I signed my lease?

​Now that you have signed your lease, everyone listed on the lease (guarantors included) will need to email the office ([email protected]) two forms of Government Issued Identification. Examples are Drivers License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Passport,  Military ID, Tribal ID.

If you are bringing a pet with you please include all vet records. If you are bringing an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal please attach a copy of a signed letter from your doctor stating the need for this service.

If you have not already, you will want to get in touch with the office to pay your application fee ($40), your administrative fee ($200) and your refundable deposit ($500). After all of this is completed you will be able to schedule your move in appointment with the office.

Rent Payment

Rent is always due on the 1st of the month and considered late on the 5th . A $75 late fee will be assessed on the 5th . You are able to make online payments through your Resident Portal.You may set your payments for one-time or recurring charge (automatic). We encourage all residents to use the convenience of online payments. 

Avoid the convenience fee for online payments! Set-up up automatic payments using personal e-checks through your Resident Portal! Please contact our leasing office if you have any questions regarding payments or setting up auto-pay.


Resident Referral Program

​Nothing is better than a friend becoming your neighbor and getting paid for them to move in? 
Earn $100 for every friend that you refer, AND each friend that signs a lease will receive $100 themselves! 

Move-In Inspection

​When you move-in, you will see a move-in inspection form in Resident Portal which will need to be completed within 48 hours. 


Cougar Ridge has partnered with IFN to provide you with 1 Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet. Your internet package is $30 per month and must be included with your monthly rent payment. 
There is already a router and modem in the unit, please call 509-339-7700 if you have any issues with your internet service. 

Additional Cougar Ridge has community wifi available in both the gym/study room area, as well as in the clubhouse. 
Network: CougarRidge
*This network does not require a password

To activate your electric account, please call (800) 936-6629 and let them know that you are a new resident at Cougar Ridge Apartments 2024 NE Terre View Dr Apt ___ Pullman WA 99163 and are requesting start of service. All other utilities are included in rent (Water,Gas,Sewage,Trash). 

Renters Insurance

​It is mandatory for all residents at Cougar Ridge to keep an active renter’s insurance policy. You must carry $50,000 in liability and Cougar Ridge must be listed as an interested party. You are welcome to select your own insurance carrier, or you may use our Liability Insurance which is $15 a month that needs to be paid with your monthly rent. Please contact the Leasing Office if you do utilize your own insurance carrier. 


​Moving boxes must be broken down and placed in one of the dumpster areas around the property or in the recycling area which is located across from the office within the brown fencing. Boxes should not be kept on patios, balconies or decks. 
Please remember that placing trash bags outside your front door for any amount of time is not an acceptable form of disposal, and will result in a $25 fine per bag.
Items that ARE accepted in recycling bins: Clean plastic, clean cardboard, paper products, tin, steel, and aluminum. 

Unit keys, Mailbox Key, FOB

On your move-in day you’ll receive a FOB, unit key, and a mailbox key. 

  • FOBs: This FOB may be used on the entrance door to both laundry rooms, mail room, and gym, which are all open 24/7 for your convenience. Place the FOB over the black reader, the light will turn green and you may enter the door. Under no circumstances should doors be propped open.

Please note there is an additional $50 charge for lost FOBs. 
  • Mailbox Keys: Your mailbox number is the same as your unit number. The mailroom is open 24 hours for your convenience. In addition to your mailbox, we also have parcel lockers. 
  • Amazon HUB: You will receive an email from Amazon to activate your account. Once activated, anytime you receive packages (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) you will receive notifications on your phone with a 6 digit access code to retrieve your package from the locker. If not activated packages will be returned to the sender. Any package or item not claimed within 4-5 days may be returned to the sender. The office is unable to hold packages of any type for tenants.
Please note there is an additional $50 charge for a replacement mail key.

Service Requests

Your on-site maintenance team is available Monday-Friday during office hours. All work orders will be completed in the order they were received, with the exception of emergencies. 

Emergencies are considered to be the following: no power, no heat or air conditioning, backed up toilet, severe water leaks or water intrusions, refrigerator malfunction, gas smell, or lock failure. If you are experiencing an emergency after hours you may call the office number at (509) 332-3410 and pick option “5” when prompted. Our leasing center will contact the on-call maintenance team member. 

You may also call this number if you are locked out of the building or your unit. 
After-Hours Lockout Fee: $50 (paid directly to the after hours employee who completes the lock out service request)

Service requests can be made via the Resident Portal. Please make sure that you are as specific as possible when putting in a service request and state whether maintenance has permission to enter your unit. 

Common Areas

All amenities are available to residents 24/7. Common Area Wi-Fi is available; you may access this by clicking the Network: CougarRidge. 

  • Washer/Dryer: Community washer and dryers are available in two locations on site. These machines are operated by the app called PayRange. Once you have downloaded PayRange you will be able to control the machines through your phone.

There are two coin operated machines in the 2nd laundry room, located in the 300s section of the complex. 
For issues with the machines please contact Hainsworth (509) 534-8942.

  • Gym: Using the Resident Portal app please make a reservation to use the 24/7 gym. At this time we are asking that there only be 2-3 people in the gym at a time to decrease the risk of Covid-19. (Limited to 1 hour appointment a day)
  • Study Lounge: A great place to work on a group project, or just a fresh spot to cram for the next exam. The Study Room is located right between the Fitness Center and main laundry room.
  • Basketball Court: Don't have a basketball? We have one in the office that you can borrow!
  • Bike Storage: We have two bike storage rooms with video surveillance to keep your bike safe. 
  • Grills: Be sure to check out the BBQ's for all of your grilling needs. Located next to the basketball court, and along the service road, near the second laundry room.
  • Parking: There are two large parking lots available to all tenants. We ask that at your move-in appointment you receive a parking permit for the year. This will allow you to park in any valid parking on the complex. Please do not park in “Future Resident Parking” during office hours. Parking on the access road is prohibited and you will be marked for towing if parked here. All guests must be given a “guest parking pass” by office staff. 

All vehicles without passes or permits will be marked for towing. 


Cougar Ridge allows pets with no breed or weight restrictions when a pet addendum is completed. Pet addendums must be completed for ALL pets. Cats require a non-refundable one time fee of $200 and dogs a non-refundable $300 
one time fee. Cats and dogs do require monthly rent of $25 per pet. Small animals do not require fees. All ESA and Service Animals fees will be waived when the office has received proper documentation. 

All pets must be kept on lease while outside. You are responsible for picking up any waste from your pet, this is the law. 

Please note there is a $50 fine for unleashed pets. 


  • Dog Park: All dogs are allowed in the dog park when accompanied by their handlers and owners. When entering the dog park please be aware of other animals around you and courteous of other tenants. We do not want any animals to escape the fenced area or be overly excited about another dog entering the area. When in the dog park you are responsible for picking up any waste your dog makes. 

Please note there is a $100 fine for not picking up after your pet.

  • Dog Wash: There is a dog wash located in the second laundry room. You may use this any time. Please clean the area when you have finished using the dog wash.

Winter Weather Tips

● Please charge up all communication devices prior to the storm so that you are in good communication should the power go out temporarily.
● Be a good neighbor and if you’re concerned about an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person(s) please check in on them; any issues or concerns please call 911.
● Be aware that we have no control over Mother Nature or the loss of power/cable services. Most service providers will post updates on-line or via your account contact information. 
● Please refrain from using the emergency maintenance to report an outage.
● Although these situations can be stressful; snow storms can be fun for a while so stock up on food and necessities, bring out the blankets and stay safe.
● Open the cupboards below the sink in the kitchen and bathroom to prevent freezing.
● Have both sinks on a very slow drip to prevent freezing pipes.
● (Recommended) Leave your thermostat at 65 degrees.

● Do not use propane heat or camp stoves in the apartment. They may be good in the woods but a potential disaster in apartment homes.
● Do not place candles close to clothes or flammables; try to stock up on battery operated flashlights.


​Pullman Transit does a great job of covering the greater Pullman area with bus routes that make commuting to campus very easy. There are a couple of different routes that stop at the multiple bus stops that we have located here at the complex. Crimson Express runs: 6:45am-6:30pm Monday through Friday. Gray Express runs 6:50am-8:40pm Monday through Friday. As well as Coug Express which runs 6:55am-6:00pm Monday through Friday. The Wheat Route runs from 6:30pm-Midnight everyday.
*The Crimson, Gray, and Coug routes stop at each of the four bus stops located around the Cougar Ridge property, and will make stops every 5 minutes. 
*The wheat route will stop at all four bus stops located on the property, and comes to each stop approximately every 45 minutes. 

College Cabs
Phone- (855) 829-4487 
Pullman Airport flat rate- $20
Pullman to Moscow- $25-$30
Pullman to Spokane - base rate $189 * weather dependent 
$3.25 pick up fee + $3.95 per mile
$8.00 minimum

Quiet Hours

​Pullman, WA quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 7:00am. We ask that you are courteous and keep noise to a minimum during these hours. 

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