The Most Convenient Location on Campus

Museums, bowling, chinese food, coffee, picnics, golfing, basketball, ice cream, film, art, open mic. All of these things and more can be experienced in Pullman, Washington and any young Washington State University student wanting to stay fun and social throughout their time in college would love to stay close to every activity in this college town. Luckily for them, that kind of place exists.

Cougar Ridge is the name and don’t forget it! About a 3 minute drive away from campus, Cougar Ridge is the optimal location for any Cougar. Don’t have a car? Don’t fret! Campus is close enough where walking, biking, or public transportation is a breeze.

When we say that Cougar Ridge is close to everything, we meant it. If you like art then check out WSU’s Museum of Art which is 6 minutes away. Not much of an artsy person but looking for a good spot to get some good athletic fun in? There are spots for that as well. Pullman is home to many sporty parks, such as Valley Road Playfield or City Playfields. Plus playing sports at a park are typically free so what is there to lose? College students love to eat and there are restaurants around to satisfy your cravings. Panda Express, My Office Bar and Grill, Fireside Grille, and Basilio's (which has great prices) are all great places to eat something other than Ramen and PB&J’s.

Ultimately, you want to live at Cougar Ridge. We have floor plans available for you to look at, a photo gallery, and list of amenities. If you are a parent and have any questions or concerns about your child living at Cougar Ridge click here. Future residents and other inquiries can can contact Cougar Ridge at (509) 332-3410 or head to